Columbus Contractors

Columbus Contractors

When trying to consider who you should hire for a job that requires a Columbus contractor, consider the tasks that are involved. If it's a specialized trade, you may want to consider hiring a contractor who specializes in that trade, such as a plumber, a painter, or an electrician. If you're dealing with smaller things that you could potentially do yourself, but you don't have the time or the nerve for it, a handyman might be your best choice. But as you will see, there are some handyman companies that can take on these larger projects – companies such as My Handyman.

What Do Most Handyman Contractors Do?

Handyman services typically deal with smaller projects, such as home repairs or home maintenance needs. Contractors typically take care of larger jobs that require multiple trades on the same job at the same time. The most common request we get at My Handyman are things like small honey-do projects around the house. It could be installing a new carpet, power washing a home, cleaning out a home's gutters, and other smaller tasks like these.

Find the Best Columbus Contractors at My Handyman

While it is true that, typically, you should hire a specialist to deal with the specialty trades, such as larger electrical and plumbing jobs, you'd be surprised to learn that My Handyman has all of the licenses we need to contract for these larger jobs as well. Make no mistake; these are not like fishing licenses where you pay $25 to the state and get your license automatically. A professional must not only pay for these types of specialty licenses, but we must also undergo and pass rigorous testing to demonstrate our ability and capacity to manage these tasks safely.

What to Expect When You Come to My Handyman for Columbus Contractors

My Handyman has all of the tools and equipment needed for each job, including a fleet of trucks, to take on larger tasks. We also have heavy machinery for landscaping and construction jobs. You can rest assured that whoever is going to be operating this machinery on your property is experienced and licensed to do so. Plus, My Handyman is fully bonded and insured for your protection. Should something go wrong on the job, My Handyman will be liable, not you.

Let Us Earn Your Trust

Our clients appreciate having a handyman company that has the capacity to serve as Columbus contractors for larger jobs. It's no secret that a handyman company will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your project. My Handyman is locally owned and operated, and we build relationships with all of our clients. A client may call us initially for some landscaping work they want to be done at home. The next time, they'll call us back to clean their gutters and powerwash their homes. Then, when they are ready to remodel their kitchen or bathroom, My Handyman is the first company they think of because we have built a rapport with them, and they know they can trust us and count on us to do great work and save them money.

Columbus Contractors

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