Commercial Garage Doors

The team at Atlas Garage Doors offer top of the line garage door solutions  like GARAGE DOOR PANELS for commercial properties all over Calgary and surrounding areas.  We include services to shipping docks, storage facilities, auto repair shops, service stations and auto dealerships.  If you have a problem with your garage doors, no matter the type of property we are here to help we have garage door installation as well .

We have been Calgary’s trusted company for garage door repairs, maintenance and installation since 2008.  We have built a team of dedicated technicians with years of experience in the industry and we service more than 10,000 residential and commercial garage doors each and every year.  We work with only the best manufacturers in the industry and standby our products and services.

Our Maintenance Program

If your garage doors stop opening and closing it isn’t just frustrating it can be a breach of security and potentially dangerous.  Atlas Garage Doors can offer your business regular maintenance to keep this from happening, we want all of the doors and gates to function properly.

There are a great deal of moving parts that make up your garage doors and they need to be lubricated regularly.  Our regular maintenance program includes the following services:

  • Inspect the panels and alignment and ensure it lifts and lowers smoothly
  • Check locking mechanisms
  • Check the fasteners that connect your brackets to the wall
  • Check the fasteners and the bottom bar for damage
  • Check the guides for dents or damage
  • Check all of the springs for the right tension
  • Lubricate the bearings
  • Check the stops for missing, broken or loose parts
  • Check the sensors for functionality or safety

Installation of New Garage Doors

There may come a time that maintenance and repairs just don’t work anymore and it is time to replace your garage doors.  Broken garage doors are a serious breach of your security and it can leave your premises vulnerable to thieves.

You can rely on Atlas Garage Doors for the proper installation of new commercial garage doors.  We will walk you through the entire process and we only work with the best manufacturers in the industry.  We can make sure that they have both the style and functionality to work with your business.  Commercial doors are far different from your garage doors at home and require expert installation.  There is special tools and equipment needed to make sure they are properly installed and functioning as they should.  You can count on Atlas Garage doors to handle your installation needs.