Outdoor Misting Fan

An outdoor misting fan is a brilliant solution to getting a steady cold environment if you cannot invest in larger cooling systems. Misting fans have different styles, with some using water from the connected hose and others sourcing it from a water reservoir. You can change the temperature ambiance of any space by moving it around. The following tips will help you get the most with little aggravation in installation, use, and frequent maintenance.

Maintain proper ventilation

Misting fans have a name for their adaptation in any environment. One should, however, think about the nitty-gritty details of using one. Can you imagine how your garden backyard would look if people regularly trampled on the soft soil surrounding the fan? Place the fan in an area that does not have constant movement. Maintain proper ventilation to avoid moisture build up on the surrounding surfaces.

Consider a good water source

An Outdoor Misting Fan with an averagely sized water reservoir will be great to carry to a hot travel destination. A fan is also a feasible option when you need an affordable cooling system that will not run up your water bill. Fans that need large reservoirs or direct attachment to the pipe will offer superior cooling effects for a more extended period or in a big outdoor space. You can also hook the fan with a reservoir to a garden hose when you need better misting comfort with good water availability. The adaptability of misting fans allows you to use it in an enclosed or outdoor space. You will better indoor usage if you get one that requires a small water reservoir.

Follow the instructional manual

The manual will help you wire the fan safely. Any exposed electricity conducting parts of the fan will cause short-circuiting.

Misting fans do not make you wet

People believe that misting fans work by spraying water on people. While this may be true in the commercials on our televisions, it is impractical for you to keep crossing the water sprays every ten minutes to get a cooling effect throughout the summer period. Misting fans work by spraying tiny water droplets into the air to reduce the temperature through evaporation. Our fans have a sturdy built and loftier engineering that will not malfunction and cause an uncomfortable gash of water.

Use the right spray nozzle

The wrong nozzle will make the difference between the creation of a mist and big water drops. Additionally, a nozzle spray with big holes will wet the surrounding areas, hence impossible to use in humid areas. Ensure that your fan does not cause an unpleasant environment by soaking the surrounding area.

Follow the right maintenance plan

In addition to the provided instructional manual, you can incorporate small regular maintenance such as removing build up sediments. Low-pressure nozzles tend to need constant cleaning to rid it off stubborn particles. Tap the nozzle's end with a sharp tool or wipe it off with a cloth dipped in vinegar. The water reservoir may have a buildup of calcium that will quickly come off using warm water, a soft cleaning pad, and soap.