The best paint in the world

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The best paint in the world

As much as we love bargains and good deals, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. With paints, cheaper may not be so cheap.

Every paint manufacturer uses certain ingredients important to its quality such as pigments, additives, binders, and solids. Just like you would do with cooking, you need quality ingredients of the food to bring a better experience to the senses.

In considering the best paint in the world, you need to look into three qualifying factors:

  • Color retention. This is how the paint endures and keeps its color without fading.
  • Stain resistance. Low-quality paints often absorb stains and leave unsightly marks. These are often hard to take out and may require a repainting job.
  • Better adhesion. Some paints may have a hard time sticking to some surfaces thus making it easy to fall off or crumble. Paints need to stick to give that smooth texture for long periods of time.

By cleaning the surface before painting, it could help for the paint to stick through but not firm enough to hold for prolonged periods of time. Quality paints use superior ingredients to help the paint stick on the surface for a long time.


This is true for surfaces where frequent bumping and scraping happens. Quality paints are resistant against these wear-and-tear and thus hold much longer than regular ones.

Finding the Best Paint in the Words Online

Some of the best paint in the world is also available online. Fine Paints of Europe is home to cost-effective Dutch enamels using the finest ingredients. We have graced various homes since 1987 and have complied with the highest standards that made the Netherlands a world leader for paints. Paint professionals, homeowners, and the design community acknowledged that our paints deliver one of the best in the industry. We also have paints sold by reputable paint retailers.

Expensive Paints, Better Quality

We often hear about this topic now and then from wary consumers wanting to save money on paint for their new home. This is a fact: higher quality paints saves you time, money, and effort. Like our paints, top quality paints are easier to spread thus saving you time from doing reworks.

You only need to pay for labor costs once. Quality paints stick longer than lesser quality types.

Low-Quality vs. High-Quality

Low-quality paints have high VOCs that is distinguished by a strong chemical odor. It usually has a thinner coverage and requires a primer coat prior using the paint on the surface. For walls with existing color, it will require more applications to cover it entirely. Colors fade faster using this type.

High-quality paints have lesser VOCs, meaning it doesn’t emit that ‘strong’ odor. The primer is usually mixed in with the product and is thicker in texture. Once the paint is on the wall, it doesn’t drip and holds on to the surface quickly. In the end, the quality is much richer, smoother, and holds up for a very long time.

We are here to help you find the right paints from our array of color palettes available. We also have professional consultations from our color strategist to help you find the right combinations for any space in your home.

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The best paint in the world

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